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Which Class is Right for Me?

Yoga really does come in many different styles and disciplines and it is this variety that makes yoga so accessible to everyone and yet also daunting. No two teachers are alike and even their interpretation of a particular style of yoga makes their classes unique. Just like a piece of music, we all play the same notes but we put them together in a different order and at a different pace - it is often the pauses and the silence between the notes that make the music unique. And so it is with yoga. And it is this complexity and variety that can overawe people.

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Take a look at the details below to help find the class that is right for you - though this may differ day to day, week to week, which of course is why Yoga is such a wonderful practice. 

Class Descriptions


Fire Flow

A powerful yet playful class designed to improve strength, flexibility and fitness through a heat building flow. This moving meditation will improve both your physical and mental well being. Prepare to get lost in a flow linking movement with breath that will make your heart sing, working up a heat in the body with some dynamic transitions and fiery holds. This class may feature stronger more challenging yoga poses than my other classes and even the occassional arm balance. We will finish with some  wonderful stretches to unravel mind and body and a guided relaxation and savasana helping you feel relaxed and calm. A perfect balance of energising flow, meditative movement with an inward focus and soothing stretches. 
You will need to bring your own mat, but I provide blocks and straps.

Slow Flow 

A down tempo class that is a wonderful recharge although we still work to build strength and flexibility. Classic yoga poses are linked with the breath and the flow is at an easy pace giving time for each posture and modifications. Let go and enjoy a yoga class that will have you shaking off the stress and losing yourself in a flow of classic yoga poses linked with the breath at an easy pace. Through a slow mindful flow we will connect your body and your breath, gently building strength and toning the whole body. With options and modifications offered to enable you to tailor the class to your own bodies needs.  Finishing with long satisfying stretches that will target deep connective tissue, help release tension, improve flexibility.  A class perfect for those wanting to gently challenge their bodies without feeling depleted and to leave feeling a wonderful sense of calm and peace.

You will need to bring your own mat, but I provide blocks and straps.

Gentle Flow

A gentle flow, at an easy pace, giving time for lots of guidance and support, exploration of modifications and the time to settle into each posture. A practice that allows you to decompress and open up your body, it still builds a little strength and improves flexibility. Our movement will be linked with the breath for the benefits of a mind body connection and to help you move mindfully showing your body some kindness. We will start with some slow stretches to warm up our muscles and loosen our joints before moving through a gentle nourishing sequence of yoga postures, finishing off with some longer hold stretches and deep guided relaxation.  This class is perfect for those wanting a nourishing gentle flow, those who maybe haven't practiced yoga before or are those returning to a practice after an absence. 

You will need to bring your own mat, but I provide blocks and straps.


Using my Slow Flow class as the foundation to ensure a mindful down tempo flow for a mind muscle connection, we build in strength and flexibility drills to tone and sculpt our entire bodies. Whilst slower than Fire Flow, we won't sacrifice the burn - connecting with your body and your breath for all the feels, building strength and toning the whole body. We work on core, quads, glutes, shoulders, triceps and more for an all over sculpt and to create stability in our joints. This can be challenging at times but with options and modifications offered to enable you to tailor the class to your own bodies needs.  Finishing with long satisfying stretches to help release tension, improve flexibility and preparing your body for restful and restorative sleep. 

You will need to bring your own mat, but I provide blocks and straps.

Yin Yang and Sound

This 90 minute class really is my ultimate yoga class giving you the strong foundations to tackle what ever life throws at you . A little pranayama will bringing us into the space of yoga, calming our minds, slowing our heart rate and soothing our nervous system. 

Then we will start with the Yang - moving with our breath to create a little detoxifying heat in our bodies, focusing on the muscles to build strength, creating support for our joints and improving our mobility whilst increasing our cardio vascular endurance and bone density. 

Moving onto the Yin - the perfect complement to the first part of our class. We will slow things down, becoming more meditative with longer held floor based yoga poses. Working on both our muscles and connective tissue we will work to  increase our flexibility, whilst also improving our mental wellbeing and joint health.

And finally, the last part of our class needs you to just pop on some fluffy socks, lie down and relax with a linseed and lavender eye pillow over your eyes. Combing Yoga Nidra with the healing vibrational frequencies of my Alchemy Crystal Singing Bowls, Sedna Gong and other instruments, the sound waves will wash over you working their magic. An incredibly relaxing and soothing experience restoring our minds and bodies to peace, balance and harmony.

Rocket Yoga

Rocket Yoga is a fast tempo, nonstop yoga class giving a cardio workout and building strength and flexibility into the body. The Rocket will wake up the nervous system feeding it energy - a feel good experience that opens the body and clears the mind. Arm balances, inversions, back bends and spinal twists are peppered throughout the class keeping energy levels high and challenging you into a practice of growth and developing. Uplifting, feel good, playful and energetic. A feel good class. 

Restorative and Yoga Nidra

I love sharing this yoga with people at some of my events retreats. This slows things right down relaxing the body and soothing the nervous system. Using props such as bolsters, blankets, pillows and blocks, the body is supported while holding gentle opening poses for a little while longer than in a normal class. Finishing with Yoga Nidra, or Yoga Sleep we enter a state of consciousness between waking and sleeping, induced by a guided meditation. A complete release and relaxation for your mind and body. 

Unwind / Grounded

This is a wonderful class - espcially for those that are feeling stressed or depleted or are stiff and achey. Melt away the tension and stresses of your day and unravel the knots with this low to the ground, slow and easy yoga linked to a calm, gentle breathe that will help you stretch out and find a deeper level of peace and ease in your body. A healing blend of nourishing flow, yin and restorative yoga and finishing with yoga nidra this is a class to soothe and deeply relax mind and body. 

Chair Yoga

This is a lovely gentle seated class where all poses are performed sat on a chair. An accessible class to find ease where there is stiffness, stretch out those areas that are a little tight and build a little strength to support your mobility. With a little pranayama, some relaxation and meditation practice too, this is a class that is perfect if you find prolonged standing difficult or getting up and down off the floor is not possible but you would still like to enjoy the physical and mental benefits of a yoga practice.  We will finish with the option of a cup of tea or coffee and a biscuit with time to chat. 


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